• 2009


  • 2010

    Release Power Bank

  • 2015

    Focus on Portable Power Products & Expend Oversea Market

  • 2019

    Developing the first product of Portable Power Stations

  • 2020

    Release of Home and Outdoor Power Storage Products & Systems

  • 2021

    COOFLY Brand launched on United States and Japan

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  • Huge Capacity & High Power

    Four standard laboratories and professional testers, and four R&D teams according to product lines. It has mastered core technologies such as lithium cell, BMS, high-power inverter and fast charge.

  • Ultra Safety & Ultra Lifespan

    Focusing on the research and development of lithium battery safety technology, the formation of a variety of innovative processes and technologies, to ensure
    the ultimate safety and long-term yse of products.