Camping in Mountain with Friends

Camping in Mountain with Friends

Compared with landscape, I also like the rough and bold northwest.

Qilian snow and Gansu Jiangnan magnificent, can feel the desert smoke and long river sunset free and easy

It's nearly a three-hour drive from the main city. The cracked earth is not only full of sadness, dry will leave rainbow tears...

This time I brought a  COOFLY A1000S outdoor power station because of the scenic tour. It can not only solve all my photography equipment charging for the day, but also can make a small hot pot at noon, and then boil water. (vlog: Look at this 800w 1.5L kettle, boiling only consumes 5%)

The rated output power of the A1000 is 1200W. If the power of the connected electrical appliances is greater than 1200W, the machine will automatically start the SPC intelligent power adjustment, and it can drive up to 1500W electrical appliances, basically covering all household appliances.

If you miss the beauty of the Great Northwest, then don't come to snow Mountain and experience the fun of camping with friends!

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